- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 7, 2013


I appreciate Washington Times contributors Milton Wolf, Jeffrey T. Kuhner and others for always carefully pointing out the flaws and injustices in President Obama’s policies. Mr. Obama, with the aid of Democrats and the liberal media, wants to silence and destroy his opponents — Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party members. He knows what he wants and will do anything to achieve his goals. This includes having the government take control of health care, education and energy, and influencing the judiciary to allow him to bypass Congress in order to carry out his agenda, including restrictions on personal and religious freedoms. All this is based on Mr. Obama’s record to date.

The only voices and actions against Mr. Obama’s policies have been from dedicated individuals, groups and state officials. Missing in action are the Republican members of Congress who have not been able to unite to challenge the president on his abuse of power with executive orders. Such abuse includes Mr. Obama’s change in immigration policy to deport illegals and not enforce enacted legislation. An appropriate challenge to this was initiated by border agents, not Congress.

Mr. Obama’s big government has failed to improve the economy and has taken away individual freedoms. It is time for Republicans to unite, select strong leaders and get out a clear message on their agenda of smaller government, lower taxes, a comprehensive energy program, a strong military and states’ rights. Our country can move forward with a return to the rule of law.


Centerville, Mass.



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