- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Considering the flurry of spending and finance-suppression laws by congressional Democrats and President Obama during the first two years of his presidency, plus the rush of executive edicts, regulations, enormous deficits, mounting debt and the “fiscal cliff,” something became painfully clear: This was not a very merry Christmas. Alas, more taxes, regulations, spending and a deeper second recession are coming, which means it certainly won’t be a happy new year for years to come (“Obama’s hidden-tax heist,” Web, Dec. 24).

Indeed, not since President Lyndon B. Johnson’s war on poverty and the “Great Society” illusion that created the dependency class have a president and Democratic Congress done so much damage to America, our prosperity, our freedoms and our future.

Also worth mentioning: The relentless push of Presidents Carter and Clinton for “affordable” housing, which caused the housing and financial crash of 2008, and Mr. Obama’s foreign policy and national security failures.


Apple Valley, Calif.



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