- The Washington Times - Friday, January 25, 2013


I am disheartened by some of my fellow conservatives and their isolationist attitude. I don’t hold special regard for Glenn Beck, but I find it particularly disconcerting that a fellow of such renown should consider or promote a utopian, libertarian “Disneyland” as an appropriate response to the political challenges that not only conservatives but Americans in general face.

It takes a small mind to believe that the best solution to a problem is to hide from it. It takes an ideological coward to surrender all ground except that which is directly beneath your own feet. The mentality of conservative isolationism will do nothing but promote further socio-political decay toward the political left as demoralized conservatives turn away from our nation and political system — not just geographically, but ultimately, in terms of participation.

Sheltered from the changes of the nation within their ideological and literal walls, the conservative isolationists will surrender fight after fight to the liberal agenda. Convinced that America is merely a powerful idea that will endure within their hearts, isolationists will neglect the real America by depriving the American system of not only their voiced and embattled ideology, but also their democratic collateral. They will surrender their birthright of free speech simply by refusing to talk to anyone who might disagree with them. They will hide their candle under the bushel of pure conservatism, robbing the flame of libertarian ideals of any oxygen to grow and spread. I will remind my friends that walls work not only to keep bad out, but also to contain good.





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