- The Washington Times - Friday, January 25, 2013


The obvious question in my mind when I hear that former Sen. Chuck Hagel is superbly qualified to be secretary of defense is, how so?

It is obvious that he has the proper credentials to disembowel our military, to cut all ties with Israel and with all of our allies, and to enfranchise our enemies. Despite the comments by his supporters that he is a friend of Israel, his record is to the contrary. His laissez faire attitude toward Iran and its nuclear ambitions is well documented.

This may be seen as payback time for President Obama against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jewish state, but it would be a catastrophe for our credentials in the Arab world. It would indicate that our support is not continuing but is instead subject to change as Iran threatens not only Israel but the entire Middle East.

The approval of Mr. Hagel sends the wrong message. Mr. Hagel is, in fact, superbly qualified — for political retirement, not for appointment as secretary of defense.


Silver Spring



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