- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 3, 2013


Peace is a condition of harmony between nations and their people with no threats of acts of war or terrorism.

The people of Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco and Switzerland, for example, live their lives without fears of jihad or terrorism. Would a peace agreement between Israel and any Palestinian entity produce peace such as the tranquility that exists in these European nations?

The Oslo agreement was an attempt to achieve this serenity, with the concept of Israel relinquishing control of segments of land for peace with the Palestinians. Unfortunately, in the Palestinian leadership the images of jihad, martyrdom and terrorism — the exact antitheses of peace — have not diminished one iota.

Furthermore, Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian leaders bamboozled President Clinton and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into believing that they annulled the onerous Palestinian Liberation Organization charter clauses declaring that the establishment of Israel was illegal and void, and that the Palestinians would engage in armed resistance until Israel was destroyed. Not one word of the PLO charter, which the Palestinians consider their junior Koran, has ever been changed.

Until the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinians completely and properly annul the PLO charter, the Fatah Constitution, the Hamas Charter and the concepts of jihad, martyrdom and terrorism, Israel should not consider any meeting with the Palestinian leadership.


Palm Beach, Fla.



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