- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Go West, young man — a quote centered on America’s expansion toward the Pacific Ocean — might as well apply to Democrats now.

That’s because the Western voters have moved largely left politically these past few elections. In fact, it’s not since Ronald Reagan’s emergence that this region of America has voiced much in the vein of conservative thought. There were a couple ballot measures limiting taxes in California and Colorado, according to The Associated Press. But other than that — libertarianism has led to liberalism, and the West is now firm Democrat ground, the report continues.

For instance: Think legalized marijuana and gay marriage in Washington. Or, former red-state New Mexico going Democrat in the presidential election, AP says.

“It’s just a different world,” said Democratic strategist Bill Carrick, in the AP report. “Nevada became the next California and now Arizona looks like it will become the next Nevada. … It’s just pushing the West further and further from Republicans.”

One key emerging pitfall for Republicans in the West is immigration, the report adds.



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