- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A surprise attack by a mob of wild monkeys has panicked a village in eastern Indonesia, as residents report attacks, injuries and home damage.

Ambo Ella, a spokesman for the South Sulawesi province in which the attack occurred, characterized the mob as 10 monkeys, The Associated Press reports. A total of seven villagers were injured; a 16-year-old boy, badly bitten, remains in critical condition, according to the report.

No monkeys were reported hurt in the incident.

Monkey mob attacks are reportedly rare. Mr. Ella guessed these monkeys hailed from a nearby forest that’s under the protection of another tribe, but couldn’t fathom why they attacked.

They’re usually afraid of humans, he said, according to the AP. But this mob actually stormed into the villagers’ houses, he said.



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