- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 31, 2013


In “Financial meltdown putting Hondurans at risk” (A10, Tuesday), a Honduran legislator is quoted as saying state officials have a “tendency … to abuse state resources that they control to fund their campaigns.” In the United States, legislators don’t directly take state resources to fund their campaigns — they are more circumspect.

Billions are appropriated to fund “green” projects to placate environmental extremists. Billions were appropriated to fund salaries of unionized state employees in the $800 billion stimulus in order to placate unions. Any “emergency” funding (i.e., Superstorm Sandy recovery) is stuffed with funding for projects that have nothing to do with recovery of the areas or people in need. Of course, those benefiting from the appropriated largesse return the favor through campaign contributions.

Honduran legislators put funds directly into their pockets. American legislators launder funds through favored groups. We had better wake up.





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