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All intellectually honest members of the left (and feminists) know that the “war on women” exists merely as a rhetorical device. First of all, there are far too many politically conservative women to simply classify them all as cases of Stockholm syndrome. Many of them probably exist among your friends and family. The dilemma forced upon them is that, until they sell out their true beliefs and their individuality, they are branded “traitors” to feminism and to their very womanhood.

Note, however, how the abortion debate has re-emerged in a new light with the Texas Legislature’s actions to prohibit terminations at a fairly advanced stage: week 20 (“Texas House passes nation’s most restrictive abortion bill,” Web, July 10). In response, Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis engineered a filibuster and was upheld in saintly light for “standing up for the rights of women.” But Gallup’s most recent poll on the matter revealed that 80 percent of Americans oppose third-trimester abortions and 64 percent oppose second-trimester abortions. Texas’ proposed state law banning the practice at the 20th week perfectly reflects the majority opinion on this contentious issue. And despite Ms. Davis, Texas is even more conservative than the country on average. So whose will is she representing? Not the people’s.


Sandwich, Ill.

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