- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Colorado Democrat who once suggested that ballpoint pens and the buddy system were reasonable alternatives to carrying a firearm for self-defense took to Facebook on Sunday to explain why, in light of the George Zimmerman acquittal, he no longer is allowing his children to play “cops and robbers.”

“My heart and head ache this evening,” state Sen. Jessie Ulibarri wrote, explaining that his 15-year-old son asked if he and his friends could go outside and play the childhood game with his new Nerf guns.

“My stomach lurched and cold fingers of fear grasped my throat when I imagined my dark son, dressed in a sweatshirt, running through the streets of our neighborhood,” he continued. “With a dry mouth and wet eyes, I angrily told him that he could not go outside and play a simple childhood game. I hope he knows that I am not angry with him, but I’m infuriated with the world we’re raising him in.”

Travyon Martin, the slain black teenager who has sparked a nationwide debate on race and guns, was at the forefront of Mr. Ulibarri’s mind.

“I’m angry at myself for limiting my son and denying him his youth because I’m petrified of what may happen to him for LWB (living while brown),” the Democrat continued. “I’m angry that black and brown boys are always seen as a threat, and never the joyful kids I know them to be. The verdict in the Travon Martin case has caused so much pain for so many, and our family grieves tonight. We mourn not just Trayvon and his family, but for the loss of innocence and freedom every brown and black kid endures with this verdict.”



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