- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 2, 2013

President Mohammed Morsi says he wasn’t given a chance to discuss the 48-hour deadline imposed by armed forces to forge a peace deal with protesters, and so he’s not abiding by their demands.

Military forces had demanded the embattled Egyptian leader forge a suitable settlement agreement with protesters within 48 hours. Meanwhile, Mr. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood supporters say such demands are tantamount to a coup — and they’re using that word to describe the growing protest movement with greater frequency, Ynet News reported.

Fueled by his backers, Mr. Morsi said Tuesday he’s going to ignore the command from the armed forces head — to come up with a platform that’s agreeable to protesters within 48 hours — and instead, pursue his own political approach to reconciliation, Ynet said.

Mr. Morsi’s office issued the statement about 2 a.m.

“The president of the republic was not consulted about the statement issued by the armed forces,” the statement read, Ynet reported. “The presidency sees that some of the statements in it carry meanings that could cause confusion in the complex national environment.”

The statement also said: “The presidency confirms that it is going forward on its previously plotted path to promote comprehensive national reconciliation … regardless of any statements that deepen divisions between citizens,” Ynet reported.

Millions are in the streets of Egypt protesting Mr. Morsi’s government.



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