- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Phil Mickelson won the British Open and the Scottish Open the last two weekends. He’ll get to keep his two trophies, but he’ll never see much of the £1,445,000 — about $2,167,500 — he is due in prize money, according to Forbes.

Where will it go?

• About $954,000 will disappear thanks to Scotland’s 45 percent income tax rate at the highest level.

• Take out another $288,000 he’ll pay to his home state of California, at 13.3 percent.

• And about $82,000 for self-employment taxes (2.9 percent) and the Medicare surtax (0.9 percent).

That leaves about $843,000 from the original winnings — about 39 percent — but Forbes estimates additional expenses, including paying out his caddy, will leave Mickelson with only about 30 percent of his winnings for pocket money.



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