- The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 12, 2013


For the peace-loving, law-abiding citizen who follows the docile path of political correctness, the law of unintended consequences may prove to be his downfall. The U.S. Army has recently announced sexual-assault cases have reached a record high. With a greater number of women in the Army, one would naturally expect a greater number of cases, but unfortunately, the percentage of women being assaulted is also at a record high. There is no correlation, we are told, between this number and the expansion of roles women may fill in the Army (combat, infantry, etc.)

Homosexual rape is also at a record high since new regulations announced self-proclaimed homosexuality permissible. Thus, a victim who calls his attacker a pervert can be accused of hate speech. If he pokes him in the jaw, he could be accused of a criminal act. As the moral code that frames our social relationships erodes, we may expect continued chaos.



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