- The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Multiple ongoing, rapidly spreading and major power intrusions by the Obama administration and weak diligence by congressional oversight and investigative committees have left Americans abused and exposed to an out-of-control, and corrupt executive branch.

The oversight committees have failed to exhibit political strength, penetrative effectiveness and the investigative skills to bring arrogant and power-abusing Obama officials to make revelations about their misconduct, mismanagement and unaccountability for the activities in their organizations. In the final analysis, they all confess to a lack of knowledge of or accountability for their own responsibilities. This increasingly erodes public trust in government, creating a sense of futility among the governed. This condition cannot stand without dire consequences for our republic.

The picture unfolding is one of contempt and arrogance by executive branch officials and of an out-of-touch president who exercises little management oversight and control over his own organization. He spends most of his time shielding himself from scrutiny. The president and his chief officials, the attorney general in particular, are more intent on erecting protective barriers to conceal their abuses than resolving issues.

In a democracy based on constitutional guarantees to rights of liberty and justice, these behaviors and misconduct cannot be tolerated. In the end, the American people must be roused into action and must require their elected representatives to be accountable. Alternatively, they must remove them. Otherwise, we will all sacrifice these rights, and the government will assume them instead.


North Las Vegas, Nev.



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