- The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The recent White House scandals including the Benghazi cover up, IRS targeting of conservatives, the Department of Justice seizing AP journalists’ phone call records and issuing a warrant that named a Fox News reporter as a co-conspirator are quite serious, but it is the Obama policies supported by his administration and Democrats that are reshaping our country in a very negative way, and these need to be addressed.

President Obama has pursued “divide and conquer” and “blame others for your mistakes” to push his partisan agenda. “Obamacare” is destroying the basic foundation of health care by taking away medical decisions from physicians, limiting patient access for care and restricting patient services. Obamacare was supposed to improve health care with lower costs and have everyone insured, but the exact opposite has occurred. The president has been unable to address urgent problems in a timely way, and for his delays many of our military personnel, civilian contractors and citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan have been killed or injured. After 93,000 deaths, mostly by the brutal Assad regime in Syria, Mr. Obama will offer some small arms to the opposition forces — another too-little-too-late action with no specific goal or plan.

Individual freedoms of choice, including religious ones, are being eroded in a deliberate, systematic manner. Mr. Obama has still not put in the effort to work with Republicans to improve the economy and create jobs, and there is a further increase of those living in poverty, on food stamps and requiring long-term unemployment benefits. It is clear Mr. Obama never meant his campaign pledges for transparency and bipartisanship, and he continues to reverse his previous positions for votes. It is sad to say that the entire Obama administration places ideology and partisanship before the welfare of our country. These are the issues the public needs to be aware of. For their benefit and for the good of our country, the 2014 and 2016 elections will offer the opportunity to correct these problems.


Centerville, Mass.

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