- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 20, 2013


What may be currently working in thwarting some terrorist attacks may not work as terrorists get more sophisticated. At that point, our government may decide to expand surveillance even more. And even though we may be told that it’s for “our own good,” count me among the skeptics.

Of course I want to be protected, but not at the cost of destroying the values that make me an American citizen. Like millions of other Americans, I have nothing to hide. Nevertheless, it’s the principle. I like my privacy — or what may be left of it. Under no circumstances do I want my phone calls or my email tampered with. The war on terrorism already has begun to chip away at our liberties. If we allow it to continue, America will be brought to its knees. At that time, the mission of the terrorists will be accomplished, as they claim victory.


Clearwater, Fla.



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