- The Washington Times - Friday, June 21, 2013


In 1986, there was an amnesty bill signed into law by Washington politicians. At least 3 million people in the U.S. illegally got the chance to become legal. The borders to our country were then supposed to be closed off so no more people could come flooding in illegally.

Border security was part of the deal and should have been the first and most important requirement of an honest assembly of concerned and country-loving American politicians. But it obviously was not.

To say that now — 27 years later — is disturbing. A new set of Washington politicians is assembled with a new feigned sense of urgency and deadline, to pass a brand new amnesty bill. Though now the number of people here illegally is estimated to be anywhere from 11 million to 40 million, but who can really know, since it is said most of the people here illegally live in the shadows and won’t freely sign up publicly to be counted. Nevertheless, one up-and-coming admired politician said that we must address the status of people here illegally first so that they may pay taxes. Then we can afford to finally close our borders.

Concerned Americans who question the actions of Washington politicians when it pertains to nationalizing health care and granting periodic amnesty to lawbreakers are by natural default part of the newest American Tea Party population. Those paying no attention to anything going on with regards to liberty, security and freedom, will soon not deserve any of the aforementioned rights.


Columbia, Md.



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