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According to Inside Politics (“Sen. Harry Reid: D.C. deserves statehood,” June 19), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid supports statehood for Washington, D.C. Of course, he does. That would ensure two more Democratic senators and one more full-fledged Democratic representative in Congress.

The people of the District deserve to have representation in Congress, but giving statehood and the attendant two senators to such a small geographic entity with a relatively small population would not be fair to the rest of the nation. There is a simple solution, however: retrocession to Maryland, in the same way the portion of the District south of the Potomac River was given back to Virginia in 1847.

By giving the District — with the exception of the area around the National Mall and nearby government buildings, including the Capitol, Supreme Court, White House and the government offices contiguous to the Mall — back to Maryland, the people of the District would have congressional representation. Maryland’s two senators would represent the D.C. residents, and they could even have their very own voting congressman.

While the population of D.C., around 630,000, is smaller than the average congressional district (around 700,000), there are much smaller districts. This way, the people of the District get the representation they deserve, but not more.



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