- The Washington Times - Monday, June 3, 2013

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner couldn’t shake his political past during Sunday’s Israel Day Parade through the city streets, as tough critics converged along Fifth Avenue to remind why they don’t appreciated his rebound from private life.

“He abused the rights of women,” one State Island parade attendee told The New York Post, while referring to the sexual photos the former congressman tweeted of himself that led to his resignation in 2011. “He abused women all over New York City and all over the world by doing what he did. He has no right to be here.”

And from another: “When you’re immoral, you don’t belong in a position of power or to be elected by the people. Do I send naked pictures of myself to other people? I don’t think so,” Phil Rosenblatt said, in The Post.

Mr. Weiner’s steadfast reaction? To smile, The Post reported.

“I’m kind of like a thoroughbred in a stable ready to hit the starting line,” he said, in The Post.

And in fact, not all attending the parade jeered him.

“What he does in his private life and whatever else he’s done in the past, I’m willing to overlook for the sake of New York City,” said Jack Gindi of Brooklyn, in The Post.



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