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Louisiana state Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, speaking on the floor of the Louisiana Senate recently, said opposition to Obamacare was “about race.” This means that Americans with low concentrations of melanin pigment molecules in their skin cells think a certain way about health care.

According to Ms. Peterson, people like me assess the 15,000 pages of laws and regulations essentially socializing health care not based on their effect on America, but on the color of the president’s skin. What utter and evil nonsense. It’s almost abusive to American children for this woman to send them out into the greatest country the world has known with this message: “Millions hate you. They are after you because of your melanin molecule level. They will judge what you do based on the biochemistry of cells in the dermis of your skin.” What a terrible burden and lie to hand a child in America today.

Much more than half of America loathe Obamacare because it is a core part of leftism. It is tens of thousands of politicians and bureaucrats invading into the private, sanctified room of doctor and patient. And these government agents will then tell you and me, whatever our skin color, when, where, why, how and from whom to get our health care. It’s a monstrous government program that will turn our beautiful hospitals and doctors offices into something akin to the struggling U.S. Postal Service. It will help bankrupt our economy. It will strip Americans of a large amount of something we hold dear: our freedom.

We are at war in America. It is not between whites and this one man, Barack Obama, who in a short time will disappear into obscurity like many other past presidents. It’s the war of American values versus leftist ones.


Chevy Chase

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