- The Washington Times - Friday, March 1, 2013


Ever since the 2012 presidential election and the thorough defeat of GOP contender Mitt Romney, many Republicans are reacting to the trouncing in the Hispanic community by supporting immigration reform — reform that enables illegal immigrants to remain in America.

The fact that 11 million illegals have entered the United States represents a complete and egregious failure of our elected representatives to uphold their collective obligations to protect the integrity of our borders. Now these representatives, including Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, are attempting to cover up their failure under the banner of “immigration reform” and expect the American people to go along with this failure with impunity.

The correct response to this mass lawbreaking is long-term deportation. Bending at the knees on this serious mess means this nation succumbs to its incompetence, fails to uphold the rule of law, sends out the wrong message to future lawbreakers and places a huge financial burden on America.


North Las Vegas, Nev.



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