- The Washington Times - Monday, March 11, 2013


It is comforting to know that our negotiations with North Korea have been turned over to the “highest-profile American to ever meet with Kim Jong Un”: former NBA star Dennis Rodman (“Dennis Rodman: N. Korea’s Kim Jong-un is ‘just a great guy,’ wants Obama to call him,” Web, March 3).

Mr. Rodman has all the credentials on his resume to qualify him for this new position. Having had a turbulent but successful career in the NBA, mostly in Detroit and a few years in Chicago, he has dealt with the likes of people similar to the North Korean dictator on a daily basis. As ambassador and a protege of President Obama, Mr. Rodman can surely recite verbatim Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” a must when dealing with the likes of Mr. Kim.

Mr. Rodman has a few DUIs, a few domestic-violence charges on his rap sheet and some 70 visits by Newport Beach police for loud and out-of-control parties at his house. These are all perfect resume points for his new appointment.

After his first meeting with Mr. Kim, Mr. Rodman came away very happy with the meeting and called the authoritarian dictator an “awesome guy.” North Korea fired off another nuclear test last month ago, saying the United States needs to be dealt with by force, not words. No problem, I’m sure Mr. Rodman can smooth things over. Rest easy, America.


Charlotte, N.C.



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