- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The United States of America, once the greatest and wealthiest nation in world history, has gone broke. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke continues to print crazy amounts of money to cover up this fact, but the truth is that we are on an unsustainable course. We continue to spend more money than what we take in every year. Piggyback that on the amount of interest we have to pay to service our debt each year, and you get a recipe for financial ruin.

It’s time to stop the madness in Washington. During his four-plus years in office, President Obama has piled on an astonishing and troubling $6 trillion to the national debt. But the fact is that he is not the only one to blame for our nation’s booming debt mess. President George W. Bush ran up $4 trillion in debt during his two terms in office, so both political parties are to blame. The difference is that Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats are taking our nation to financial ruin twice as fast.

The nation’s checking account has been overdrawn for some time, and the checkbook must be taken away. Mr. Obama has shown himself to be incapable of stopping his addictive spending behavior. He continues to grow the federal government and to propose trillions of dollars in new deficit spending every year. He wants to continue to waste money on “stimulus” packages.

No country has ever recovered from such disastrous, irresponsible behavior without devastating consequences. Politicians must stop playing the blame game and start taking responsibility for their lack of leadership. The president should quit holding campaign rallies intended to spread fear and anxiety among the American people. He was elected president to work with Congress and find solutions.


Kokomo, Ind.



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