- The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Ukrainian “attack” dolphin military operation may have hit a glitch. Apparently, three love-hungry mammals have broken their bonds and escaped a naval training base on the Crimean peninsula, in pursuit of suitable mates, The Huffington Post reports.

And this isn’t the first time, either.

A “former Soviet naval anti-sabotage officer” said in the Huffington Post report that a similar dolphin break-out had occurred in the 1980s.

“If a male dolphin saw a female dolphin during the mating season, then he would immediately set off after her,” said Yury Plyachenko, recounting the training program in the 1980s. “But they came back in a week or so.”

The dolphins are supposedly part of a Ukrainian navy program. They’re being trained to detect mines and even attack enemy swimmers — but that’s all top secret. Ukraine’s Defense Minister has repeatedly denied the existence of an attack dolphin program, The Huffington Post says.



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