- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 14, 2013

Terrorist organization Hamas has a list of Palestinians who are spying for Israel, but will grant amnesty — and even give rewards — to those who turn themselves in, the group’s interior minister said.

“This campaign against collaborators isn’t purely a security campaign, as it also has a social element,” Muhammed Lafi, with the internal security service for Hamas, said to reporters on Thursday, according to the Guardian. “We do not discriminate between them according to their political affiliation, and we will provide them with information to make sure they can make right their mistakes and thus protect resistance fighters.

Mr. Lafi also guaranteed that those turning themselves in would not go to jail and that families of the informers would be given a monthly stipend.

This isn’t the first time Hamas has offered spies an amnesty deal, but it is the largest-scale operation, the Guardian reported.



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