- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 14, 2013


An entitlement is access to benefits guaranteed by legislation. Social Security was established by legislation, but it is more like a retirement benefit that both employees and employers are forced to pay into. Politicians and some financial commentators are making Social Security sound like a federal government handout, but in reality, recipients were compelled to pay into the system.

Both Democrats and Republicans blame Americans for the depleted condition of Social Security when in fact the blame belongs to the parties themselves. If Social Security wasn’t pilfered every time the federal government needed money, and if the fund had been managed well, it would be in decent shape today.

I’m not saying Social Security doesn’t require change at this point to prevent it from failing, but it would be nice if the politicians stood up and took responsibility for the fund’s condition instead of implying those Americans who paid into the system are to blame.


Lambertville, N.J.



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