- The Washington Times - Monday, March 18, 2013


Alexandria Police Officer Peter Laboy was doing the job he loves when he was viciously shot in the head (“Hundreds turn out to raise funds for wounded Va. officer,” Web, March 10). The horror of what transpired has affected many. Officer Laboy, a respected and well-known cop in the community, has prompted a desire for many to help in some way. This was evidenced by the approximately 2,000 people who appeared for the fundraiser at a restaurant in Old Town Alexandria recently. I was pleased to be part of that crowd. The common bond that brought together friends, colleagues and those not personally acquainted with Officer Laboy was heartwarming. It brought home the fact that people do still care about law enforcement officers.

Officer Laboy, a husband and a father of five, has a lot to live for. Though he was in extremely critical condition following the tragic incident and wasn’t expected to survive, he is making amazing progress. However, he has a long road of recovery ahead of him that includees further surgery and various types of therapies to deal with his traumatic brain injury.

Officer Laboy’s life and the lives of his family have been dramatically changed forever by this event. The support, friendship and love that surround him and his family, as evidenced by the response from this fundraiser, should serve as an ongoing catalyst for him to retain that internal drive that propels him forward in making even greater strides in his future recovery. We stand with him and await the day we can salute him with gratitude and pride. We profoundly thank him for all he has done to keep the rest of us safe.


Adjunct professor

George Mason University

Marymount University




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