- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 19, 2013


There is an element in this nation that for the most part goes unnoticed and without representation. It used to be the driving factor behind the country’s greatness. It is the working class. Neither the Republican nor Democratic machines represent us, the media ignore us or label us as intolerant, and we are pushed to the side without having our voices heard.

It used to be we had some kind of say in the direction this nation was headed. Not anymore. One party speaks for the elite and business owners, the other for undocumented aliens and the new majority. I have no problem with anyone different from me, but as I look around at the good folks over age 30 and under age 60 who cannot retire and have to give up their lifelong dreams for financial reasons, it makes me very sick. This is our country, too. Where is our representation?

We do not all want to live on food stamps, we don’t believe in “fairness” for criminals while our own rights are taken away, and we don’t want to see marijuana sold in stores. We are Americans, and as such, do not want to be governed by the United Nations or other countries. Lastly, we want our jobs back. It is time we counted again, too.


Monticello, Fla.



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