- The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore told CNN’s Piers Morgan that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was a war criminal and that several in the Bush administration ought to be in jail.

His comments came during discussion of the 10th anniversary of the United States invasion of Iraq, when he bewailed the fact that White House officials during Mr. Bush’s presidency weren’t prosecuted for their roles. Mr. Moore has insisted for years that the Bush administration was part of a conspiracy to incorrectly report that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction as a means of engaging in war.

Mr. Rumsfeld is “a war criminal as far as I’m concerned,” Mr. Moore said during the Tuesday night segment. “I don’t understand why he, Bush, [former vice president Dick] Cheney, [former deputy secretary of defense Paul] Wolfowitz are still walking the streets.”

Mr. Moore then said police would have arrested him if he gave investigators erroneous information about Goldman Sachs or another business alleged to have dealt falsely with investors. Similarly, Mr. Bush’s former administration ought to face punitive action for their supposed false statements of WMD development to the American public, he argued.

“The fact that no one has paid for this criminal act — why would an American such as George W. Bush send thousands of Americans off to their deaths? For what reason? And why doesn’t he have to answer for that?” Mr. Moore said.

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