- The Washington Times - Friday, March 22, 2013

A Hopkinton, Mass., mother is expressing outrage that administrators at Center School suspended her five-year-old son for bringing a toy gun into class.

Little Jonah only wanted to show off the present he got while vacationing with his family in Arizona, his mother, Christina Stone, told CBS.

“He just showed it to a friend and told the friend to play with it is he wants,” Ms. Stone said, in the CBS report.

But teachers honed in — and next thing, the boy was sitting outside the principal’s office, waiting for his mother to arrive from work for a conference.

“When they brought him to the principal’s office, he was gulping and holding his neck,” she said, as quoted by CBS. “It was hard for him to swallow and you could tell he was absolutely terrified.”

WBZ-TV in Boston reports that Ms. Stone is trying to get her son’s suspension lifted. But in the meantime, she’s been talking with her son, explaining what he did wrong — a tough task, given she’s not sure herself.

“I don’t know how to tell him why bringing the toy to school is bad. He doesn’t understand,” she said, in the report.



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