- The Washington Times - Monday, March 25, 2013

Political insiders are seeing Sen. John McCain as a key player in the upcoming Senate vote to expand background checks for gun buyers, and that has conservative constituents rocking. They say they’re sick and tired of his Republican-In-Name-Only tendencies.

The Hill reports that Mr. McCain — along with moderate Republican Sen. Susan Collins, from Maine, and Nevada Sen. Dean Heller — are potential partners for a Democratic Party push for a federal mandate for background checks for even private gun sales. But Mr. Heller is balking at some of the record-keeping requirements that mandate would impose, the Atlantic Wire reported.

Mr. McCain, however, has a past that’s steeped in Democratic partnerships, as Breitbart reports. He joined with former Sen. Russ Feingold for campaign reform; with the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy on immigration; and with former Sen. Joe Lieberman on climate change. And The Hill reports his most recent negotiations on gun policy have been behind closed doors.

Conservative bloggers aren’t happy with the secrecy, and see a McCain concession on the horizon.

The FreeRepublic conservative blog site is on fire with criticism of Mr. McCain. One writes “A RINO Republican is worse than any Democrat. They are like cowbirds killing the legitimate chicks and tricking the mother bird into working for them.”

And another: “I cannot even talk about my hatred for traitors.”

And one more: “Can’t say I’m surprised at McShame. But what I am surprised at is his state ranks No. 1 in gun-friendly states, and he would be ticking off a lot of his constituents. I think this guy has dementia.”

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