- The Washington Times - Friday, March 29, 2013

The New Jersey man who just won $338 million in the weekend Powerball drawing faces arrest over his alleged failure to pay child support, the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Pedro Quezada, who has five children, has been wanted since 2009, when the charges were first filed, CNN reports. He is $29,000 behind in child support payments, CNN says.

Mr. Quezada has selected to take his Powerball winnings in a lump sum. That means his after-tax winnings will be about $152 million.

Mr. Quezada’s son, Casiano, said his father has retained an attorney to help with the child support charges, CNN reports.

New Jersey law requires that officials screen every lottery winner who gets a payoff greater than $600 to undergo background checks for owed taxes and child support, CNN says. Any money owed can then be taken directly from the lottery winnings.

Mr. Quezada’s children are aged between 5 and 23.



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