- The Washington Times - Monday, March 4, 2013

Up to 15 Australian gold miners have lost their six-figure-salary jobs after posting a “Harlem Shake” viral dance craze video to YouTube.

The 30-second video shows the overnight crew working at the Agnew Mine in Western Australia performing the pelvic-thrusting dance, which typically begins with one solo dancer who quickly is joined by others.

The workers were employed by Barminco, an Australia-based underground services company, Mercury News reports. Barminco could not be reached for comment after a dismissal letter sent to the workers was obtained by The West Australian newspaper, saying the stunt breached the company’s “core values of safety, integrity and excellence.”

The firings sparked an online debate, with a Facebook page calling for Barminco to reinstate the “sacked WA Harlem Shake Miners.” The miners told The West Australian that they were not endangering safety, pointing out that they were wearing helmets and portable oxygen. The workers even removed their work shirts in order to prevent the company’s name from being displayed on camera.

The miners also been prohibited from being “subcontracted by Barminco at any site domestically and globally.”



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