- The Washington Times - Monday, March 4, 2013

According to the proverb, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but in China they are not leaving anything to chance.

Officials in the city of Chengdu have been spraying grass borders in the town with green dye to make them seem more verdant, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Chengdu officials, sprucing up the town ahead of a major global business forum later this year, lit upon an easy solution to cheer the appearance of foliage: a non-toxic chemical dye called Top Green Turf Greening Agent.

The Telegraph reported that workers from Chengdu’s municipal landscaping department were filmed painting the grassy verges of the city’s roads with a fluorescent green spray.

The makers insist that the dye is safe and that it is widely used in China, reports the Telegraph.

“It is absolutely not toxic. It is just a green dye. We have been selling it to the Chengdu government for at least five or six years, and we have lots of other government clients, like the city of Tianjin, and many northwestern provinces. And we also sell it to golf courses,” said Mr. Yang, a salesman for the Top Green company, which makes the dye.



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