- The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A northern resort town in Zimbabwe is on alert after wildlife rangers round evidence that rogue lions have mauled two people to death.

The attacks occurred near Lake Kariba, a man-made dam that’s a popular tourist destination, especially for fishermen, USA Today reports.

Wednesday, volunteers were distributing flies manning loudspeakers, issuing warning to the townspeople to watch for lions. A man escaped one attack on Tuesday, but the woman who was with him wasn’t so lucky: She was mauled to death by the lion — but not eaten, USA Today reports.

Investigators responding to the scene found an arm and what was left of the body of a second victim nearby, USA Today reported. Lion attacks in suburban areas aren’t very common, the report said.

Wednesday’s alert fliers specifically cautioned “beer drinkers to avoid moving at night on foot,” and Christian groups to “stop going for secretive prayers in thick vegetation” near Kariba, USA Today reported.



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