- The Washington Times - Monday, May 13, 2013

Bangladesh — facing widespread public backlash in the wake of a two fatal incidents that struck the garment industry — agreed to let the union in and represent workers.

The new policy is this: Garment workers won’t have to get permission of company owners in order to unionize, The Associated Press reported. Cabinet officials agreed to change in the law in the fact of an April 24 factory collapse that killed — as of Monday — more than 1,100. The death toll continues to rise and emergency responders continue to pull bodies from the debris.

That factory collapse was followed by a separate facility fire in the garment industry that killed five.

The April 24 incident brought global attention to the country’s poor working conditions. The garment industry generates $20 billion each year for the country.

Monday’s legislative change amends the country’s 2006 Labor Act and strikes the part that mandates workers obtain permission to unionize — at least for garment workers, AP reported.



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