- The Washington Times - Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chris Christie’s first foray into diplomacy has come at an unlikely place: the Jersey Shore boardwalk.

The New Jersey governor and rumored 2016 presidential candidate doubled as a tour guide this week as he showed Britain’s Prince Harry the damage done by Hurricane Sandy.

The budding bromance was documented by the Philadelphia Inquirer, with photos of the two prominent figures talking and laughing together and even playing carnival games on the waterfront.

Mr. Christie also presented his international guest with a sentimental gift: the blue fleece worn by the Republican governor during his handling of Sandy.

The unlikely duo — both sporting stylish shades — quickly became a Twitter sensation.

The Inquirer pointed out a tweet from Sage Peterson, a congressional intern, who said the Boardwalk stroll showed “the political love of my life and the actual love of my life hanging out.”

Seventeen-year-old Camilla Bowden, whose family lost their home during the devastating Hurricane, returned to the Jersey Shore to meet Prince Harry.

“He’s my future husband,” she said in The Daily Mail report.



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