- The Washington Times - Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good luck trying to break this news gently to your young daughters.

Topless German feminists on Thursday crucified and burned Barbie in a protest outside the Barbie Dreamhouse in Berlin.

Self-styled “sextremists” from the German group Femen and leftist activists shouting “Pink stinks!” converged on the site, a themed entertainment attraction set in a life-size replica of the enduringly popular Mattel doll’s Malibu digs, to protest against the gender stereotyping they believe the iconic Barbie perpetuates.

One topless protester garlanded with a crown of roses and bearing the slogan “Life In Plastic Is Not Fantastic” scrawled across her torso stood on a giant pink, heeled Barbie shoe holding aloft a burning Barbie on a cross, before being escorted from her pedestal by a security official.

According to the Associated Press, protesters “far outnumbered Barbie fans” there to tour the pink fantasy house. 

The first Barbie Dreamhouse Experience opened last week in Sunrise, Florida. The Berlin house, the second site to open, is scheduled to remain in the German capital until August, when it is set to continue on a European tour. 

Barbie has again become a tool for some to advance their own agenda,” a spokeswoman for Mattel’s German division wearily told Agence France-Presse.




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