- The Washington Times - Friday, May 17, 2013

A former security guard for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — one of the most vociferous voice in America for gun control — admitted Thursday that he shot at his then-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend and then covered it up, concerned about the national attention it would bring his unit.

New York Police Department’s Leopold McLean admitted during court testimony Thursday that he fired at his then-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, LePaul Gammons, and covered up the incident to protect his high-profile security detail, The New York Post reported.

Mr. McLean was acting as a security guard for Mr. Bloomberg’s daughter at the time of the shooting, The Post said. He was protecting her at a Knicks basketball game in 2010 and then answered his phone. It was his then-girlfriend, Assia Winfield, in panic about her ex-boyfriend’s harassment, Mr. McLean testified, The Post reported.

“I told her we would go to the precinct when I got off work to report it,” Mr. McLean said, in The Post.

He did, after dropping off the mayor’s daughter. And his then-girlfriend said her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Gammons, was outside her home, armed with a knife. Mr. McLean said he didn’t confirm the man held a knife, but fired a few shots at him anyway, The Post said.

“I wanted to stop him and arrest him. I didn’t see blood. I didn’t think I hit him. He kept running. I fired another shot. I stopped shooting because I couldn’t see anymore and didn’t want to endanger the public,” Mr. McLean said, in testimony reported by The Post.

Mr. McLean then called 911 and said the man had broken into his then-girlfriend’s home — but failed to report that he fired at him, The Post reported.

Mr. Gammons was wounded, the Post reported.

“Looking back now, I should have told them I fired my weapon,” Mr. McLean said, in The Post. “I knew it was a violation of the patrol guide. I had the right to remain silent and I did.” He also testified that he “didn’t report the shooting because I didn’t want the focus to be on me or the unit,” The Post reported.



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