- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Thank you for running “Countdown: The Benghazi scandal” by Rowan Scarborough (page A1, May 17) and giving it proper coverage on the front page. We subscribe to both the Washington Post and The Washington Times, and as usual the Post downplayed the Benghazi scandal; there was no mention of it on the front page.

Mr. Scarborough’s piece is excellent. It lays out the entire timeline of events and makes it easy for the average American to see that our elected officials have not been honest with us concerning Benghazi. I am outraged and saddened to know their conduct cost the lives of four Americans and has breached the trust of the American people.

A Times Commentary piece Friday, “The end of ‘hope and change’” by Victor Davis Hanson, is also excellent and gives the reader a major hint as to why the Benghazi cover-up initially was successful: media bias. I was shocked and angered to learn of all the family ties between ABC, CBS and CNN and the Obama administration. No wonder this administration has gotten away with so many falsehoods.

With all the scandals going on in Washington right now, I do think it is the end of hope and change by the Obama administration. But by reporting all the facts in an unbiased fashion, The Washington Times has given me renewed hope; I can only pray that change is forthcoming. Thank you for serving the public so well.


Oak Hill, Va.



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