- - Monday, November 11, 2013


The uproar over the name of the Washington Redskins is a charade of indignation founded on ignorance. The mock outrage was tiresome 40 years ago, but now it has reached the level of absurdity, as even the president of the United States opines upon the matter.

First, the name of the Washington (nee Boston) Redskins has no relationship to Native Americans, but takes its name from those masked individuals who dumped tea into the Boston Harbor in 1773 in protest of the policies and taxes England levied on her colonies. This group is now known as the “Tea Party.” Considering the demonization of today’s “Tea Party,” it’s more plausible to think that the sound and fury is over commemoration of that rebellious act, and nothing else.

Still, those involved in self-flagellation may protest that the term “redskin” is a derogatory to Native Americans, and they just might be right. When taken out of context, the word “mother” has a much more pejorative meaning; maybe we should turn our vexation toward Mothers Against Drunk Drivers?





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