- - Tuesday, November 12, 2013


If Terry McAuliffe had any scruples, he would decline the key to the governor’s mansion. But he long ago proved, along with most Democrats in power from President Obama on down, that he has no scruples.

The Virginia gubernatorial race was made a sham when Democrats financed getting Libertarian Robert Sarvis on the ballot to split the conservative vote. Mr. McAuliffe won by a slim 2.5 points; Mr. Sarvis pulled 6.5 percent. Do the math. Democrats and the GOP have both been complicit in doing away with honest elections, but the Democrats lead the league in chicanery by a large margin. The phony third-candidate ploy has become a top item in the Democratic playbook from coast to coast.

In my Central Florida area, repugnant Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson took it to a new low in 2010 when he secretly backed a family friend as a phony Tea Party candidate to peel away votes from Dan Webster, whom he showered with blatantly false attack ads. Mr. Webster won anyway. In 2012, Mr. Grayson made it back to Congress by winning a new seat in a largely Hispanic district employing even greater slime. He ran attack ads against the favored of two Hispanic candidates in the Republican primary (in which Mr. Grayson was not involved), then turned his nasty ad machine on the more vulnerable of the two in the general election to win. He had managed to take out the GOP candidate he thought he couldn’t beat in the general election.

The closer-than-forecast Virginia results can be attributed in part to the growing outrage toward Obamacare and the president’s forked tongue. Where is former Rep. Bart Stupak, the pro-life Michigan Democrat who was in position to block Obamacare when he and four colleagues were prepared to vote against it, but allowed himself to be duped when Mr. Obama falsely assured Mr. Stupak that Obamacare would never finance abortions or contraception?

The Washington Post has awarded Mr. Obama four Pinocchios. Mr. Obama and Mr. McAuliffe, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, et al., each deserve six or eight.




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