- - Thursday, November 14, 2013


The suicide of a devoted animal-rights activist and her killing of her 31 dogs just prior is a tragedy on all fronts (“Ohio animal-rights activist kills herself, 31 rescue dogs,” Web, Nov. 11). No one can justify the killing of innocent animals by anyone, even those in seemingly severe mental distress.

However, this mass killing and suicide underscores the immense pressure and mental drain experienced by those in the animal-rescue business. Owing to a lack of funding for no-kill animal shelters and to laws that allow excessive breeding of pets, the animal-rescue system is under a tremendous level of stress.

It is high time that local and state governments and the federal government step in and take action to end this large-scale animal abuse. We need strict limits on breeding, mandatory spay and neuter policies for pets and adequate funding for animal shelters. All these things can be accomplished with a minimal amount of money, but it may take the maximum level of compassion and determination.

New York



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