- The Washington Times - Monday, November 18, 2013

Toronto’s disgraced Mayor Rob Ford was caught on video Monday knocking over a female councillor during a tense city council debate in which colleagues are looking to strip him of more of his powers.

It’s impossible to determine exactly what happened given the video that’s available, but it appears an angry Mr. Ford was trying to circumvent a cluster of desks and people to get to someone shouting at him when he accidentally knocked over Councillor Pam McConnell.

A stunned Ms. McConnell then hits the mayor with both of her hands once as she tumbles to the ground.

The mayor steadied Ms. McConnell back on her feet, and she said some words, but the mayor never takes his eyes off of whoever he was initially running after.

A video from a different angle shows that Mr. Ford was possibly running after his brother, Doug Ford, who was shouting at someone outside the council floor, Canada.com reported.

Later in the session, Councillor Paula Fletcher asked the mayor to apologize to Ms. McConnell, the website said.



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