- - Tuesday, November 19, 2013

As your recent editorial discusses, estate planner Joseph Caramadre and Virginia Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe tricked the terminally ill into signing joint brokerage accounts Mr. Caramadre and Mr. McAuliffe co-owned, a move that gave the two men full access to the bonds (“Did McAuliffe make millions cheating the dying?” Nov. 4). By the time all the diseased they duped had died, the schemers had obtained more than $10 million. However, Mr. Caramadre, the “common man,” pleaded guilty, while Mr. McAuliffe, the politician, was not accused of breaking the law at all. Why does Mr. McAuliffe get another chance? Did he not commit the exact same act?

Mr. McAuliffe spent millions trying to portray himself as an ethical and successful businessman. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Why would Virginia voters elect a man who associated with and was an accomplice to a scam artist? Why would they elect a man who stole money from the dying? This man is going to be dealing with taxpayers’ money.

Mr. McAuliffe claims he didn’t know exactly what was going on with Mr. Caramadre. But how can a man of such political stature be so oblivious to something so significantly and morally wrong, especially when dealing with money? Anyone would be curious as to where all this money was coming from. Didn’t Mr. McAuliffe ever think to ask about this, or at the very least be somewhat concerned about it?

Katy, Texas

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