- - Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The American voters elected to the office of commander in chief a man who has never worn the uniform of the United States military, a man so ignorant of our armed forces that he referred to a medical corpsman as a “corpse-man.” Voters chose to put at the helm of the foremost economy on earth a man who has never managed even a lemonade stand. In foreign affairs, we watched as he drew “red lines” in the sand before a minor Middle Eastern despot, painting himself into a corner until he was rescued from his folly by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Now his signature “accomplishment” — Obamacare — has begun to collapse around his ears, devastating millions of Americans whose health insurance policies have been canceled and who are unable to apply for new and possibly more expensive ones because of an inoperable federal website. Meanwhile, caught in his own lies and rejecting corrective legislation introduced by the opposing political party, he poses questionable executive actions to defer or negate the provisions of his own law. The insurance industry is in chaos. The medical profession is in a quandary. The public is befuddled.

The American electorate has installed a sorcerer’s apprentice in the White House.




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