- - Sunday, November 24, 2013


Elaine Donnelly is on point regarding the politicians running the Pentagon, including the politically correct generals such politicians have bred (“Why would Obama send American girls into combat?” Commentary, Nov. 21). Such individuals will have to erode physical standards to put women into the infantry.

Any rational human would demand that our troops be fit enough to face our most likely foes face-to-face and win. Allowing, or even worse, forcing women into roles such as infantry will lead to the deaths of many of our troops, both men and women, when combat happens. The primary mission of the military during war is to eliminate the threat, which generally means killing the enemy. The military that does this best wins the war. There is no substitute for victory.

Considering permitting women in combat is the most sexist thing the military can do. In so many words, it is like saying that women are inferior, and that in order to compete with men, they will be graded on a lower scale in the name of equal rights. That is all well and good so long as there is no combat. But when there is combat, women will be discriminated against in an even harsher way, and they will die at a higher rate and in greater numbers than the men.

If this must come to pass, we ought to have the women serve in all-female battalions. This will cut down on all the sexual assault claims, and the men will not have to risk their lives protecting the women from the enemy.

Judge Advocate General’s Corps, U.S. Navy (retired)



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