- - Monday, November 4, 2013


A recent TV ad shows a conservative who is against Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli because he does not want to vote for a politician who “wants to be in my home.” Since Terry McAuliffe supports President Obama on all things liberal, let’s just count a couple of ways Mr. McAuliffe not only wants to be “in our home,” but whose policies are actually destroying our lives, liberty and property.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10,102,000 Americans have fallen out of the labor force on Mr. Obama’s watch. NBC reports that more than 10 million Americans will be forced off their health care policies, exposing Mr. Obama’s lie that “you can keep your health care plan.” The nation has added $6.5 trillion of debt under Mr. Obama, threatening our financial system and enslaving our children and grandchildren to crushing debt repayments.

These liberal policies are not only “in your home,” they are in your face. Mr. McAuliffe’s misadventures into the voters’ imagination about his job-creation schemes have been exposed at FastTerry.com as a fraud. If you want more economic fascism, crushing debt and dependence on a bankrupt, dysfunctional governance, then vote for Mr. McAuliffe. But if you want to unleash the innovation of “we, the people” and recover the liberty and prosperity envisioned under constitutional principles, your man is Ken Cuccinelli.


Blacksburg, Va.



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