- The Washington Times - Monday, November 4, 2013

Former President Mohammed Morsi’s trial on charges that he incited violence that led to killings in the streets of Cairo at the tail end of his rule was delayed by two hours Monday and then quickly adjourned.

Defendants kept up a chant in the courtroom that caused utter chaos and disruption, CBS reported. It’s not clear what the defendants were chanting.

The judge was forced to announce a delay, sending the ousted Muslim Brotherhood-backed ex-president and 14 others back to incarceration for a time. It’s expected the trial will resume later Monday, Egypt state television reported.

The chants began because Mr. Morsi refused to change into the prison uniform that’s mandated for defendants — his way of protesting the trial as unjustified and sending a strong message that he doesn’t recognize the court to try him on the charges.

Mr. Morsi, along with his co-defendants, are all charged with inciting murder, CBS reported. They all face the death penalty if found guilty. This was Mr. Morsi’s first appearance in public since July 3, when the military staged a coup and threw him from office.



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