- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A limousine company that provides services to the stars — sports legends, actors and actresses, and congressional elite — admitted this week its website had been hacked, potentially exposing sensitive information about a million customers, including the likes of actor Tom Hanks, business mogul Donald Trump and Sen. Mark Udall.

Alex Holden, the head security officer for Hold Security, based in Milwaukee, said the hack was found on Corporatecaronline a month ago, the Daily Mail reported. The information the site collects includes credit card numbers, pickup and drop-off information, and various other potentially personal details.

“The privacy implications of this are very disturbing,” said Mr. Holden on Monday, the Daily Mail reported.

A blogger, Brian Krebs, who works with Hold Security reported the breach just recently on his website. And some of the information that could be discerned from limo dispatch reports that were recorded online could be seen as quite sensitive: A trip Mr. Hanks was making to a Chicago restaurant. A limo specification for clear front seating from Mr. Trump. A trip to Boston from Sen. Mark Udall that included golf clubs as cargo. And a partial travel itinerary for basketball star LeBron James from a Las Vegas sports arena.

The hackers also obtained files on what occurred inside the limos — sex, vomiting, smoking marijuana, the Daily Mail reported.

Security company officials don’t want to name too many names, out of fear of creating panic. But several members of Congress have used the limo service. Rep. John Conyers Jr., whose data reportedly was stolen, declined to give the Daily Mail comment, but an office aide say they’re aware of the situation.



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